What journey


Well day 2 with my A23 and Visible act. Before joining checked the coverage map, good to go. Verizon is available in the valley although they piggyback off U.S. Cellular, so no Visible.  Have Starlink, and what I need is the ability to enable WiFi calling. Had T-Mobile who has zero coverage here and the WiFi calling worked perfectly.  Visible claims they support WiFi calling, but I'm not seeing it. Been through the automated chat "solutions", and alas no joy. The new Visible supplied A23 shows UNKNOWN NUMBER in the about section of settings. Any suggestions??



Have you set up WIFI calling? Open the native phone app, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and open settings. Click on calls and find the WIFI calling settings.

Thank you, and yes I have tried that. When I attempt to turn on Wi-Fi calling in goes into a search mode and after a minute or two stops, and says "unable to set up Wi-Fi calling" Additionally phone info shows "number unknown. According to their app and verified by E-Mail the activation was successful. I'm stumped and running out of time. When I soon pass 8 hours of this, the economy of this move comes to question.