Promo w/ Port in and Change Device?


Hi everyone,


My wife is currently on Visible on an old party plan. She is using an iPhone 11 that she brought to Visible from Total Wireless.


I am on Total Wireless using a Pixel 6A and would like to move to Visible.


I would like to:

Buy an iPhone 14 with the $300 promo, activate the iPhone 14 on a new visible account, port in my number, then re activate the iPhone 14 on my wife's Visible account/number and then activate my Pixel 6A on my account/number.


Is this possible to do and maintain the promo?


When I talk to a agent through chat, they keep referencing the 60 day device lock policy which i understand but the device is staying on Visible, it is not locked to a specific account. Has anyone done something like this before?


Visible's promo terms are:

Join Visible and create your account.
Transfer your number from an Eligible Carrier within 30 days.
Set up your SIM and activate.
After completing 3 full months of service payments, you will receive an email with a code to redeem your virtual gift card.
Which I plan to do all of these things. Why wouldn't this work?

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When I joined Visible I had $100 promo. But could not use. When I tried get it code did not work. It said used already.

I had the same problem with getting my promo—it’s been nearly 2 yrs so I’ve already deleted my notes. The first few times I tried to activate the promo I got the exact same thing you did. Kept complaining and finally FINALLY I got a working number to the company they outsourced the cards through. Good luck!

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I would think it is because the SIM needs to stay active on the phone is has been ordered for since it is listed in the purchase history on the account it has been ordered under, but maybe not. You could probably wait until after the 3 billing cycles then once you get the promo code by email then you could switch. One thing I am going to point out is from what I have read is the iPhone 14 uses eSIM only and not a physical SIM card, they have been having problems with eSIM on android phones not working and not sure if anyone has been able to activate one on an android phone so when it comes time to switch phones you would need to request an eSIM for her number/account to use on the iPhone 14 and then request a physical SIM card with your number for the Pixel phone. Sounds like more of a hassle then it is worth.


Other threads have posted that Visible has not paid out some of the promos to buyers. But not sure if these were errors on the buyers part or not. So it is a hit or miss if you would actually get it.


Are you absolutely set on getting an iPhone? If so I would maybe look at the iPhone SE, that has a $250 promo offer, and request a physical SIM card for it and then it would be a lot easier to switch phones down the road as it is as simple as switch cards(but could be wrong) or at least for me it worked moving a card from my old phone to a year newer model. Just a thought.

yes my wife is set on iphone 14. i am going to use esim with my pixel 6A.

i had heard about the promo issues so i used paypal for the transaction for 'purchase protection' (shrug emoji)

I cannot find anywhere in the terms that would not allow this

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I still don't think you would be able to switch phones until after the 3 billing periods and once you get the promo code since I think, but not sure, that the IMEI/MEID number of the card or eSIM is tied to the phone it is activated in or ordered for. I don't know how eSIM's work but from the threads I have read here it has not been working on android phones so if that is the case not sure how you would activate the Pixel phone. Maybe someone can answer that actually was able to use an eSIM on an android and if it actually activated.

Good luck!

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You can do that, just switch the sim cards to the phone you want them in.