Was promised my free AirPods & $200 gift card 2 weeks ago by a Visible rep after I made my 3rd payment. After making my 3rd payment, then I was then informed that I did not qualify for the promotion. Is very bad business in my opinion. If your rep made a mistake, then you should honor it (and better train your reps). Am now contemplating canceling the service as well as my business Verizon service b/c of this.


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Maybe try filing a complaint with the BBB. I saw a while back someone had posted here that had done that and did get the promo. This denying these promos seems like something Visible has been doing a lot lately. 


Too bad you didn't have the screen shots or the script from the customer service chat you had with them. Maybe try and send them another message via Facebook messenger and see if you can get them to resolve it. 

I do have a screenshot of the chat. The last rep could also see that conversation, but still refused to honor what they had told me. Is just bad business. But thx for your reply.