Re-installing eSIM profile?

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Is there a method to reinstall the eSIM profile? I sadly removed the eSIM profile from my iPhone 14 Pro's carrier settings to attempt a second activation -- unfortunately it doesn't look I'm able in the app.



I have the same problem, can’t find a solution 

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I can't even re-activate my old phone with the physical SIM either...

Neither do I 

Same. eSIM transfer killed cellular on my old phone, even though it still has the physical SIM. This SUCKS!

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Did you use Apple's built-in ESIM transfer function?

I had pSIM on my old iPhone. I downloaded visible app on new iPhone and used it to transfer SIM. I looked like it worked but then it didn’t. So now both sims are not working. 

Doesn't work for Visible. I originally installed the eSIM profile from the app, but can't get that option to appear now.

No, I see these messages on the new iPhone 14 Pro. Seems like Visible doesn't support the easy transfer options.


"This phone number can't be transferred because this feature is not supported by your carrier." and also "No phone numbers found" when trying an 'other method'.


This SUCKS!!!!!

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You have to contact costumer care to send you a new eSIM but reaching them is like winning the lottery