Reactivating cellular plan



My device had to be reset and lost all network settings. I had recently been on Verizon and added Visible as a data plan. After the reset, my phone is defaulting to the inactive Verizon cell plan. When I try to add Visible as a plan it prompts for a QR code or manually enter a SM-DP+ Address with Activation Code (optional confirmation code). I can't find anywhere on the website to generate an activation code and the App isn't providing any help either. I currently can't access my Apple ID for that line since I can't two factor.


Phone is a 2nd gen iPhone SE. Any help is appreciated, I've been waiting to be connected to a live agent for 15+ mins...


Novice II

did you figure this out?


You have to contact chat and tell them you were reinstall the eSIM they will send you a eSIM in the app 

Novice II

Any one know where can I find QR code for activation new phone?