Replacement Apple Watch Activation


A few months ago I switched to Visible when they started offering Apple Watch support. I brought my iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 5, and activated both successfully on eSIM.


I recently got an AppleCare Express Replacement Watch. Swapping it in didn’t work, I kept getting an error that “Something Isn’t Right.” I chatted with support, and they tried a few things, including opening a case. A few days later they emailed to tell me my watch wasn’t compatible with Visible. I checked the IMEI on Verizon, and it says the same thing, but T-Mobile reports it’s good to go. I contacted support again, they said it should be compatible, and opened a new case.


Now I'm in a situation where the Visible app tries to get me to re-download an eSIM Profile, and the Apple Watch Cellular activation tells me that my phone number doesn't match my account. Support has been telling me they'll get back to me in 24 hours for a week now.


Any ideas what might be happening here? I use my Watch in cellular mode heavily, so I'm ready to just leave and go elsewhere.



I get this same error, only I'm trying to active my watch for the first time.  After multiple activate attempts that failed I managed to get visible plan to show up in my apple watch app, but it said it was inactive.  So I removed it, and now upon trying to setup cellular again it tells me my phone number doesn't match my account.  Visible said they fixed the error but I still get it. Then they said I need to reach out to Apple.  Apple support didn't find anything.  Ughh!  Now I'm stuck with no Apple Watch service and nobody helping me.

Novice III

Did anyone get an answer to this cause im going through the same thing right now. Do I have to switch carriers?

Novice III

I’ve got the same issue in Nov 2022! Any reaolution?