S20 ultra 5g is incompatible with visible?


At the moment I'm using PagePlus cellular which also uses Verizon network. Everything works, no problem. Unfortunately, visible compatibility software tells me my IMEI/phone is incompatible with visible. Is it only me or do all the Samsung galaxy s20 ultras won't work with visible? 
I wanted to try 15 days trial but it won't let me go to the next page if the phone is incompatible. 


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I assume Visible has a whitelist and blacklist on IMEI numbers for phones and unfortunately your phone is blacklisted. It even affects phones sold by Visible and here is how I know. I joined Visible in July of 2021, bought a 2021 model Motorola phone from them and of course we have to switch to one of the new plans sometime in the near future. Well, my phone is not compatible and was told by chat it doesn't have the right technology but yet they sell 2 or 3 budget phones with 3-5 year old OS and those supposedly have the right technology which surprises me. Customer service said my phone might be compatible in the future as they are working on transferring as many phones from the old list as possible. That was 3 months ago and it still shows not compatible. I have yet to move from the old plan to a new plan but I do have a phone year newer model I bought off eBay with an IMEI number that is compatible, of course it was sold by Visible early in 2022.


There is a way around getting a SIM card by Googling IMEI number generator and find a number that is compatible. The drawback is I am not sure you will be able to activate it on a phone that is not compatible. One thing that I have read on here is a card on the new plan that has been activated on a compatible phone was moved to a phone that not showed not compatible worked in that device. 


If you run into any problems or issues don't expect a quick resolve, customer service here is poor which is another reason I haven't switched plans is I am sure I will have problems activating like 75% of the other people joining Visible. If you value customer service you might want to find another carrier.


Good luck!

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This is how I resolved it: I purchased an iPhone from Walmart and received a Visible sim card using that phone's IMEI. You could also use a friend's IMEI or one from the Google-generated list. I inserted the sim card into my unlocked Samsung phone, which was originally incompatible, and it worked. After that, I asked them to transfer my T-mobile number to the new sim card that came with a temporary number for my use.

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has anyone had success with the note 20? I had a "non compatible " note 9 that worked great in the old plan until I ported my primary number from Verizon. I was no longer able to send text messages.  3 escalated cases later they tell me that I can either port out or upgrade to the new plan and a get a new phone. never had an issue until after my port. BS. anyway..love my note and hope someone knows if the note 20 can be made compatible.  I currently have an active sim on the new service in a 4 year old zte junk phone I bought from visible a couple years back. 

Strange ...all of the sudden a majority of the imei numbers I enter for the note 20 ultra work...only a few haven't.  not sure if its a chipset thing