SMS picture resolution unacceptable


I love everything about Visible except their terrible downsizing of all pictures received through SMS. Everything I am sent gets downsized to 360x480, which is crazy. I am texted photos of work tickets at work and they are completely illegible. 


The same photo texted to my Visible number and my wife's identical phone on a different carrier, same messaging app, came though to her at 986x1280 and to me at 360x480. 


Is this going to change, or is it time for me to move on? 


So what if your MMS image attachments are being cut down to 360x480? Think about all the money Visible has saved you! You save $$$ and Visible saves electrons!

What does it matter if your MMS image attachments are reduced to 360x480? Consider how much cash Visible has helped you save! Visible saves electrons while you save money.


Are you 100% certain this is a Visible issue, or a setting on your phone? Are these being sent via an iPhone?


Have you seen this article: 

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