Customer service


I am trying to be a good customer.   I upgraded to the plus plan from basic a couple days ago with effective date of June 1 which was yesterday.  Today is June 2.  I have no service.  I noticed this at 9 am ET.  Three hours of very frustrating chats have left me with no service and an email from Visible stating that 

"We identified the problem you have been experiencing with the network. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work on a resolution.

You will hear back from us within 3-5 business with an update or final resolution. If not, feel free to check in with us again in the chat."


Notice what is missing is the  time frame:   3-5 hours days weeks months.... another 60 minute chat reveals that is is 3-5 business days.   So....I for 1 year service in advance (special deal)...and I get unplugged.  This is unacceptable and is not getting the proper focus from Visible to fix it.  


Anyone know how to cancel service?  


Port out would cancel your plan but unfortunately you won't get a refund for porting out early. Since you paid for a full year you might want to keep nagging customer service to get this fixed. I don't think they will give a refund but since it has only been 1 day maybe they might.

I recommend Cricket.  They have excellent and knowledgable customer service.  You can call them on the phone!  You don't get a unhelpful bot trying to help you and not transfering you to an agent.  It is all around an excellent experience.  Note their chat is also very helpful.