Samsung Galaxy A51 - We anticipate that your phone will be compatible soon.


About 4 days ago, we paid off the small balance still owed on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy A51 phone and then called Verizon to have them manually unlock the phone.  That all went fine and we got confirmation it was unlocked.  However, when we check the IMEI it says, 

Your phone is not compatible, so let’s talk options!

We anticipate that your phone will be compatible soon.

Is this an issue with our specific phone, or an issue with this model phone in general.  I think they are compatible with Visible from everything I've read.  Let me know if anyone has any suggestions of what to do!


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If you do a search on this forum for an "IMEI generator".  This could be a work around for your situation.




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It is not just that phones model. From what I am seeing is Visible blacklisted pretty much all phones they haven't sold themselves this year. The Moto G Power(2021) I bought here last year is also not compatible with the new plans and told it doesn't have the right technology which I think is a line of BS since they sell 3 budget phones that have 3 year old technology which I can't believe those phones would be compatible and not mine. You can read about  my situation by clicking the link below. You can also search compatible and get a few threads about the issue. It is possible that in time yours will become compatible. You can download an IMEI number generator and get an IMEI number that is compatible to bypass the order screen but I don't know if the card will actually work in your phone or not. In the thread below a person did get a new phone and SIM from Best Buy and put it in his old phone that was not compatible and it worked so it might work for you. ompatibili/td-p/27975

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Hello. I don't have an exact answer for you but I'd like to share my recent experience. I bought a Samsung A52 over a year ago and signed up for Visible because of the low price. I had the $25 a month plan.


Recently the service has gotten really bad but I assumed it was because they wanted us to upgrade plans and drop the super cheap plan. Ok, I get it. I decided to look into the other plans. I kept getting "We anticipate that your phone will be compatible soon."


A couple of days ago that message went away and I ordered an upgrade to the $45 plan, still pretty cheap imho. I received the SIM card, followed the instructions but had to do a couple of steps twice to get it to work. Long story short, my phone's reception has increased dramatically. Only time will tell if it remains at that level.


I guess the point of my post is I think your phone will soon be compatible so hang in there. 

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Well at least it appears they are working on the IMEI list of phones that show it will be compatible soon. Makes me wonder if they are putting any effort into the not compatible ones as I was told they are working on adding as many from the old list as possible. 


I am waiting to switch to one of the new plans but since I didn't want to order a phone in December since it would likely freeze solid in the delivery van(they don't heat them very well) I did buy a slightly used phone from eBay real cheap that was sold by Visible to the seller this year and has an IMEI number that works. I already have it so I am ready. I guess if my old phones ends up working I have a backup in case the new one breaks down.

Hey how's the phone holding up. Is it still going strong with visible. I'm thinking of switching from metro to visible but my samsung a52 not compatible so I'm thinking of doing the same. Just wanna know is it worth it


I have the same phone A51 and the list says it's compatible but when I  put in the imei it says not compatible. Even though it is currently on Verizon with Straight talk.