Cannot transfer service from current Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G to Samsung S24 Ultra


- I've installed the Visible app as directed on the new phone and logged in. 
- I went to the spot where it says to switch.
- It asks for the IMEI for the new phone, which for Samsung phones is the IMEI 2 for the eSIM.  (IMEI 1 is for the nano-SIM).  It has a link to settings to copy the IMEI which I followed and copied it, and then back to the form where I pasted it in as directed.  I checked the number pasted and it was perfect.
- When I tap Next, nothing happens.

*I tried typing it in manually also, and tried this several times, including exiting the Vision app and going back in.

*I went out to the website as though I was signing up for a new account BYOD.  I asks for the IMEI to check for compatibility.  I gave it the IMEI 2 for eSIM and it verifies that the device is compatible. 
*I previously set up another S24 Ultra earlier today for a family member that is on Verizon.  I gave the agent the IMEI 2 and the phone was active in 5 minutes.