Cannot move service to new phone


- I've installed the Visible app as directed on the new phone and logged in.
- I went to the spot where it says to switch.
- It asks for the IMEI for the new phone, which for Samsung phones is the IMEI 2 for the eSIM. (IMEI 1 is for the nano-SIM). It has a link to settings to copy the IMEI which I followed and copied it, and then back to the form where I pasted it in as directed. I checked the number pasted and it was perfect.
- When I tap Next, nothing happens.

*I tried typing it in manually also, and tried this several times, including exiting the Vision app and going back in.

*I went out to the website as though I was signing up for a new account BYOD. I asks for the IMEI to check for compatibility. I gave it the IMEI 2 for eSIM and it verifies that the device is compatible.
*I previously set up another S24 Ultra earlier today for a family member that is on Verizon. I gave the agent the IMEI 2 and the phone was active in 5 minutes.



Same thing happening to me, on original phone visible eSIM was activated on, and on a new phone that hadnt been used for Visible before. both show compatible online, and then "IMEI unavailable" when doing eSIMple switch in visible app.

support couldnt fix, or issue me new eSIM i am just getting physical sim card shipped. has to be something wrong on the visible side or maybe account specific