Setting up eSIM on new iPhone 15 Pro


I have sat on chat for over 15 hours with various support agents BEGGING them to escalate my case to engineering. From the very first attempt of setting up eSIM on my new iPhone 15 Pro, it said, "Something's not quite right You've reached the maximum amount of attempts. Please try again later." Support had me go through the same activation setup steps over 50 times with the same result each time. By the end they told me to wait 24 hours. This could easily be solved by someone on the engineering team if the support staff would simply escalate. One staff member did escalate but the escalation was closed before i received support. What do I have to do to get actual support?



Try reaching the visible support from Twitter or Facebook. You dont need to be online with the chat for the long time. Hope you are able to resolve this.

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