Signing up


This site is sending me in circles. I can’t get anywhere trying to get a SIM card mailed. How the hades ya run a business with no way to contact a rep. Chat doesn’t work, circular links, this is certainly not gonna get me to go any further if something that should be simple is jacked up to no end. Fix your janky site.


Click on check compatible once you hit that and you check the  combatability you gonna see the end of the tunnel

Novice II

The site funnels you into either buying a new device or bringing your own. If you intend to bring your own, do the compatibility checker, and if it succeeds you can proceed to signing up. Otherwise, you need to buy a new device to sign up. Basically, it's not going to let you sign up without doing one of those two things.

If you just want a SIM to stick into whatever you have without checking it's not going to work.

If you want to just stick in a Sim and whatever device you want you could choose that you have a iPhone and then it doesn't ask you to enter a IMEI

Good tip! But it does make sense that they would want to be sure your device will work before going to the trouble of sending you a SIM. If you lie and say you have an iPhone just to get a SIM you are taking your chances on whether it will work or not.

Correct. I'm talking if you're ready to take the risk, I know people that have done it and it worked! But it doesn't mean it's always going to work