Sim delivery and issue with chat with agents

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Visible won't allow delivery of my sim without my signature. FedEx tried delivering it two times already and won't leave it at the management office of my apartment building. FedEx also did not leave any door tags. They are going to try one last time tomorrow. I have tried to get visible to change the delivery options so that it could be left at the management office of my building. But it's been very frustrating. There is no one else at home to accept a delivery or to sign when I am at work. What else can I do?


Next thing I tried to do was chat with agents. But it's very been very lopsided. Some agents say they will do something then it turns out that they didn't. A number of times the chat becomes disconnected when I have to verify the email they send. By the time I get back to the chat it's gone and I have to start chatting again with somebody new. This happened about four times this evening alone. The service at this point has been frustrating and I don't even have my SIM card yet.


Right now I'm still using my old carrier service although my phone number has already been ported by visible. But I found out that I currently cannot receive text messages from other carriers because of the porting out.


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Since FedEx didn't leave a door tag, write down the tracking number on a piece of paper, along with a short message to leave the package and sign your name. Not sure if that will work but it would depend on the driver and so far I would say the driver isn't doing his job like most other FedEx drivers, they are supposed to leave a door tag after the first attempt that you can sign and leave for them.


As far as the port you have only started the port process and as far as my knowledge goes on porting, which isn't very far, it wont complete until after you activate on Visible. So if you are not able to get the SIM card and not go through with activation and finish the port process the port should not go through if you decide to stay at your current carrier.


Edit: My only comment about customer service is they are not exactly all that knowledgeable. I'm in no way trying to put down Visible since I am able to make it work for 2 1/2 years and like what I am paying and what I get. I more or less find my own solutions to minor problems since it seems like CS can't when they have said my issues have been escalated and so called fixed.

Thanks for your reply Deankevin. First, I tried leaving a note on my door for FedEx as was recommended by two managers.They didn't bother to open it. It took me several phone calls with them and also visible. They even passed by on a courtesy delivery one night but said they couldn't get into the building so they left. So I ended up having to eventually talk to them. They were afraid of leaving the sim card because they thought it was a phone or something.  But it was just an envelope


About the porting, visible sent me an email saying that they already ported my number even though I didn't have the sim. What happened was I couldn't receive text messages or make calls to people who were on the Verizon network while I didn't have the sim card. Only people on T-Mobile could respond to my text messages or hear my voice calls during that period


Yes customer service can be lopsided and difficult... especially since we chat most often.


Thanks....I finally got the sim last night on the 5th attempt!!!!! They actually didn't want to do a 5 th was an effort explaining what happened 

Glad to hear you got the SIM delivered. For future reference, I believe you can set up an account with FedEx online and then sign for packages before they arrive or set the delivery preferences to no signature required.

I did set up delivery preferences with my FedEx account. But they said it could not be followed (I mentioned having it sent to the management office) because of visibles preference which could not be overridden. They said that visible required a signature for myself. However FedEx would not take an indirect signature via a note. And they did not leave a door tag until 3 days after the first delivery addition, because of the preference given by visible, the option to give an indirect signature online was disabled.

That is the problem with FedEx is none of them know how to do their job, they should have left a door tag for time they stopped That door tag has a spot for a signature and is the same thing as if you were to leave them the note, they are both indirect signatures and others have been able to get cards that way but it depends on the driver I guess. There have been reports of FedEx drivers not even stopping or attempting delivery to begin with these Visible SIM cards. 


Try to make this story short. Before I retired a couple years ago the company I worked I worked the shipping and receiving docks as a forklift driver. We would get FedEx and UPS deliveries daily. I don't remember which one it was but a delivery was supposedly left and package went missing that I had supposedly signed for it on a day I had either left early or was on vacation. This had happened a couple times over the years I worked for them. The delivery people instead of wasting time running around the building looking for someone to sign I think they just put in the last person that signed for packages on previous days.

Thanks for your input Kevin. 


I think what also made difficult is that visible requires that signature even for a simple SIM card. They're requirement even disables the ability to sign for it online...and the information regarding this issue varied from one agent to another.


It would probably help if the requirement was less strict for sim cards. 


Anyway, I'm just glad the service seems to be working now even at my workplace. That's why I switched from mint mobile/T-Mobile