Something went wrong trying to shop sim card

When I tried to ship the SIM card to me it said something went wrong and I tried it multiple times 



Hi Haydenashcraft0,


Welcome to Visible (I am not a staff member, btw).


Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I don't know your level of techno-savy, so please don't take offense, but are you certain you are installing the SIM correctly?


If so, The SIMs are free, you may just try ordering another one...maybe the one you have is, indeed, defective for some reason.


Otherwise, I would just contact Visible directly through Chat to see if they can help in some other way.


When you get started be sure to save all you can through "refer a friend" and "party pay." I explain how to save in three ways in more detail here if you need help with that.


I wish you well.