State & Local Taxes


Hey everyone.

I'm a Texas resident who got into Visible this January. I have the $30 plan with the $15 discount (the 15OFF promo). I get charged $15 monthly. My billing states that I get charged $29.90 for service and $0.10 in taxes, split between $.06 to my state, $.02 to my city, and $.02 to the state 911 service fund. There are other charges, but these may be paid by either the customer or by the service provider.

The problem I am trying to figure out is that in TX, the sales tax rate is 8.25%, which would mean that given a $15 payment, the actual tax should be closer to $1.24 rather than $0.10. Does Visible "cover" the tax above and beyond the payment amount? Is the billing information just not precise, or is Visible not properly charging state + local taxes?

Any information, especially from a Visible rep, would be helpful.