Stranded without service

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I have tried everything up under the sun to restore my service. I purchased a pixel 6a through visible's app marketplace & switched my sim into the phone. Immediately, my entire account was bricked & told me to contact the help team - if you can call them that. I did so & was told my IEMI number was incorrect; meaning I was just sold a phone that was not ready to be sold. That doesn't seem right. 


Furthermore, my account has been locked since yesterday at 4-5pm, which also means it's been more than a full twenty four hours without service. I am currently waiting on doctor results & need my phone in order to work on a day to day basis. Now I have missed an entire day of work, probably numerous attempts at my doctor trying to reach me & I can't continue without service. I have tried being nice, patience & now I'm through with pleasantries. If the problem is within the new phone, why can't service be restored through the SIM if it's in my old phone?


I've talked to a Verizon representative that stated this problem should have never happened & it shouldn't take this long to fix a problem that was the company's to begin with. I have since started to raise a stink.


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When you ordered the phone were they sending an eSIM with the new phone or a physical SIM card? If it was an eSIM from what I read it doesn't work with Android devices. You need a physical SIM card. 


I am having issues with my old phone not being compatible with the new plans. I ended up I couldn't even buy a new phone from them because it said I had a device order already. I contacted CS about this and they fixed my account but I didn't want to switch to a new plan yet because I wanted to save money until we have to. While on chat they wanted to send me a new SIM card but said no, I was also told that my service would stop until the new card arrived and was activated. Another member here said his didn't stop, only when he removed the old card and installed the new and activated it. So it is apparent that they do stop service when you order a card. As said only recommendation I have is to get a physical SIM. Enter chat and try again on getting it fixed, if it doesn't get resolved ask for a supervisor because when you get into chat you get a tier 1 support, you need to go higher and get someone who knows more. Good luck!



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I have only had a physical sim card but have thought about making the switch. With how horrid this has been; just purchasing a new phone from them & being without service for two days now has turned me off from the idea. I was also told I would have a solution by midnight yesterday & I've heard absolutely nothing.