Switching Plans?


Good evening,

I've been using Simple Mobile/ Straight Talk for months. Recently, I saw a television commercial referencing Visible mobile phone services. While attempting to switch and activate my iPhone 11 with Visible, I received a message that my phone first needs to be unlocked by my service provider. I was never told that the iPhone I purchased was locked. To my knowledge,  my cellular device was brand new. Is there any way for you to please help me? Thank you in advance!


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If you bought the phone from Simple Mobile/ Straight Talk it is likely locked to them, most carriers do that if the phone was bought from them. You will need to contact them to verify whether it is or isn't.


Switching to my visible plan from a Verizon family plan run by and paid for by my dad.

I already have visible plan with a new number, but I want to change my new number to the number I have with my dads Verizon family plan. 
How do I get out of my Dad’s Verizon family plan so I can transfer my Verizon number to my Visible plan?