New account problem with changing sim


Hi all,


I opened brand new account  and psim. 

An hour later after  I knew if the psim will be delivered Monday evening, I called support " can I change to esim instead ?" . "No problem, we must cancel the shipping for psim "

. So the psim shipment has  been cancelled. Now you need to initiate a new  order with esim "


Then I order with browser:  never been able to be check out, always greyout on checkout section.


When I tried with app: after I submit the order, and  got email confirmation from visible for charging my credit card  message . But on apps "oops something wrong, please call support care" .

Basically never finish


delete and install apps multiple times, use two different laptops. I am asking them to delete my account and start over  and being informed not possible .

I been chatting with  support  more than  6 times , but still no resolution .

please advise . thank you



I give up,  just open new line  with another email and no problem at all.                                                                  The rep support should  have not  cancelled psim shipment . There is no way to add a line on the existing account number (even no current active line).