Taxes Included?


I don't see a direct answer to whether or not taxes and fees are included in the stated monthly price such as $40/mo for individual or $25/mo for party pay of 4+.  Are taxes added to these prices or included?  The fees an taxes must be paid to the appropriate entities, just wondered if that's an additional charge included in the stated price.  It's material to whether or not my family and I switch so need to know.  Thanks!


Novice II

Everything is included in the price.  You will pay $40 per month or $25 on party pay.  Easy peasy.


You are welcome to join our party of 5.  I have been with visible for over 2 years. 😎


Details for using Visible:,

1) Bring or buy a phone
2) Bonus Perk: Use a friend code for your 1
st month of service for $5 

3) Activate your service

4) Join a party pay for $25 per month. 

My friend code for a $5 first month of service: 3qmtdC

Here is my PartyPay link: