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The purpose of this inquiry is to determine if this new plan is a right fit for me.

Currently, I would like phone lines, one for business calls and the other one for personal calls.


However, I just have one line.  Is there a maximum number of phone lines that we can have ?


I would like to add one more line.  Just wondering if that’s possible with two different cellphone plans and just one cellphone.


Intermediate III

If your cell phone supports dual sim capability (two physical, one physical with one eSIM, or more than one eSIM), yes it's possible. You'd need two different accounts (two different email addresses). You can typically call or text on either line at any time, but data usage is limited to only one or the other specified as primary (you can swap primary as needed).  

I've done this with two different carriers in the past but have never done so on the same carrier so proceed with caution.

In my case I used two different carriers so as to benefit from different coverage areas while traveling.

Just like any carrier you can have as many numbers as you want. Unfortunately Visible is only single line accounts so a different email address is need for each line and account you want. 


I believe it is possible to have two lines on the same phone if you have dual SIM capability but I am not tech savvy to know how it works. I believe each SIM slot has it own IMEI number and I had read that the same IMEI number can't be used for two different SIM's, I did read the same IMEI number from the phone can't be used for two different numbers, it will get flagged, if this is true or not I don't know.

to get the best possible answer I would recommend chatting in with care.  I would think this would be possible but I would not take my word for it.  Please chat with customer care.