Texts Intermittently Not Sent/Received


I have missed important texts that have been sent to me because they were never received. Most texts are received/sent, but when you miss an important one it's a big deal.  This happens also with sending - I send a text and my end shows as sent, the person receiving never gets it.  Not good!  It's not like show up later either - they just disappear.


Has anyone else had this issue?   


Intermediate III

Earlier this year I had an issue with texts not coming through until the next day, I tried to link it to them coming through until after I opened the app to check texts but not sure if that was the case. I contacted customer service and they did some work on there end and had me do a couple things on my end which I think was text HELP to 67777 and then text TRANSACT to 67777. You could try these two first but it may be more helpful to contact Visible first, they might do a provision to your SIM before you try the two texts.


If you have problems getting a real person through chat type live agent, you may need to do this more than once.

Thanks, I'll contact support (and maybe give the 67777 a try). The thing different about my situation is that the dropped text never shows up. People have shown me their phone where they sent me a message I never received.


Yes I am having the same issue of random dropped messages. I have tried multiple phone restarts, airplane mode cycling, clearing message app cache. So far nothing has retrieved lost messages Both SMS and RCS have been lost, and I've also had SMS inserted in the middle of RCS chats.

Pixel 6 Pro