This sucks


I have been attempting to sign up for Visible+ for over a month! The chats are not helping. I did receive a new Sim card today. Installed it, but get stuck in a cycle of sign in between Google and Visible. I currently have zero connection outside of WIFI!


Novice III

Do you have an iPhone or an Android? If so which device do you have?


Android. Google pixel 5. However, I have left Visible now. They could not resolve my No servoce whatsoever issue within 48 hours!! So, I left. I enjoyed this carrier when I received the service for $25 a month. But, since the party opptions is going away, I wanted to upgrade to Visible+ and I was told it was not an issue. Well, apparently it is, so I am OUT! I wasted an entire day trying to restore service and got nowhere!


I am getting absolute crap slow down speeds in Los Angeles area even down to zero data access.  This started happening when they changed the pay plans.  I complained and spent hours in chat with multiple visible support. They even change support people in the same chat window. I talked to 5 visible support persons in the same chat session.  I did that the next day too. They could not help.  Hours of frustration being asked the same questions.  They said they will have someone call from the next level support.  I have waited almost 3 days and no call from the next level.  They do not even document accurately on their side.


 I had no problems for over a year and now after the new plans I have experienced just crap slow downs where I have had to wait 20 minutes to use an app where before I could use it in 1 minute.  What will happen if I have to call 911 and I am throttled down to zero data?


Visible has throttled the old pay plans down to nothing after the new $30 pay plan was created.


Please complain to BBB and the FCC .  Visible was a good thing but now is total crap.  Afraid to even refer anyone to Visible now.