Transfering from verizon when you are still receiving monthly phone trade in credit.


Hi,  would like to transfer all of our families phones from Verizon to Visible.  One of our phones (mine) receives a $24/month credit for the next 14 months as a trade in credit on my Iphone 8 for the newer Iphone 12.  Any suggestions on what to do?   Thanks,  Curt


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Hi curtpete. You may wish to reach out to either Visible or Verizon customer support to see if either can explain the situation to you, as far as what would happen to your Verizon trade-in monthly statement credits if you canceled your Verizon service and made the switch to Visible. By the way, Visible customer support has been outstanding, and I have only been a Visible customer for a week! Since you have an iPhone 12, you might also want to check out the 15 free trial that Visible offers. Visible can digitally send you an “eSIM,” right to your phone, which your phone would treat as a second line (and that way, you can test out phone calls, texting or data — which all run on Verizon’s network). That’s what I ended up doing myself before I switched from Verizon. I only needed 1 day (and not 15) to decide, and it was an easy decision (and then I ported my number over to Visible). I am so happy that I made the switch to Visible!! And if you decide to sign up for Visible service or need a party to join to get the monthly party pay discount, please feel free to DM me and I would be happy to provide further assistance and recommendations. Best of luck to you, and I hope that you join us on Visible!!!


PackersGuy44 has covered all the bases. 


My belief is your credit will go away if you port, but check with Verizon & Visible tech support to confirm.

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