Transferring one line from a 2 line account


I have a 2 line Verizon account.  I would like to try out Visible, using my current number for a couple of months.  I have eSim.  Looks simple enough, My question is: will my wife be able to keep her current plan?  How is my part of the Verizon account cancelled once the porting process is complete?  I don't want to cancel the entire Verizon plan, as we aren't sure about Visible.  We don't owe any money for phones.


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More of a question for Verizon (despite being Visible by Verizon they are separate business entities/carriers)

Once your line is activated and ported it is automatically canceled on Verizon. If your Verizon account is/was a multi-line account, it will likely remain active however if you're getting a discount for multiple lines you'll likely lose that discount - at least that's the way it worked porting form my old carrier. Also beware if your line is the primary line, you may need to designate your wife's as the primary.

Have you looked at the 15 day free trial? Besides iPhone it does include certain Android phones. They will assign you a new number temporarily so you could try out Visible without having to port your number over. The trial is the basic plan and not the plus plan so you would not have the Premium or priority data experience.