Trying to buy New phone


Trying to get a new phone and out of the blue is declining my credit card that I pay my monthly bill with. When verify my address and then ask me for my payment method. I pick credit card debit card fill out the information which they should already have on file and it tells me that they're saving a new form of payment.  to my account. Which is not a new form of payment it's the same payment I've been using for over year. Then I get declined


Superuser Founder
Superuser Founder

Have you chatted in with Customer care?  Are you positive you are entering in the correct info?  If also fails you could finance the phone through affirm if you can get approved.

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Superuser Founder

You also may want to check with the institution that the credit/debit card is through, could some sort of fraud protection be enabled that it denies charges above a certain dollar amount for certain categories (electronic devices) from not 'approved' sites?


That is if you are certain you are entering the information correctly.  

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