Trying to port a number over 4 days with errors


So I have been trying to port a number over 4 days now.

I have talked to numerous customer service representatives on the app chat.

Each one of them Has Told me to Wait additional 4 hours each time that I have talked to them.

Today, one of them Told me that it was done. But yet I Can still use my own phone with my number.

I ask them About my phone still being active. He told me to call my old provider and have them deactivate my account. This was the wrong information because I would lose my number if I did this. But yet my phone is still not active on visible every time I try to pay. It comes up with an error same payment was not able to go through. It's been doing this for last 4 days. Then he  told me that my number was stuck in a loop of some short. And then I need to wait an additional 4 hours. This has been the most ridiculous experience I've ever had with a phone service.