Unable to get port out pin.

Novice II

Wasn't receiving any text messages so decided to send my phone number of 20 years back to google voice and possibly come back to visible with one of their numbers.

1: Pin port 1212 does not work
2: Friends can't text me but I can text them.
3: Forgot password emails worked.
4: Chat rep had me change my email but since text failed email change didn't complete.
5: Email change from #4 above changed the login.
6: After the 4th login change, the email is the original email per chat even though I login in differently.
7: Chat broke the login now I can't login.
8: Chat asked me to format my phone. Now that I can't login I can't load APP and log in to get eSIM.
9: No login = no eSIM
10: No eSIM = no service.

Decided to test a second account with the same phone same email domain.
1: EVERYTHING WORKS FINE. Texts, forgot password emails, pin port request.
2: NOTHING WORKS with the first account.

So it isn't my phone. It isn't my domain which forwards all the emails to hotmail and gmail : because it works with the second service but not the first.

Emails on web site, when posting what they are returns that it's a bad word. But I've tried them and they don't work. I can't post because it says to correct highlight items and it says I'm trying to spam the system.

Chat is always please check your un-working email which we swear we emailed you on successfully. Check your text message. It's a merry go round. Supervisor will call you and doesn't. I gave them my login and password so they could trouble shoot it on a spare device, or try logging in themselves. I offered to add a visible email address to my forwarding so they could test the emails. I offered other alternative email addresses and phone number. Everything till now has been a complete fail, grade F, zero stars. Now I lost my phone number of 20 years, I've spent over 100 hours on the chat and twitter, and I've lost who know how many messages and phone calls with business etc. It's very tough not to get very angry and shout profanities. About ready to drive to Colorado and serve them.

By all indications Visible is run by bots from 1999.



I've read through your post and I want to help. Is the simple explanation that you're canceling your current visible service and you want to reestablish service with a brand new visible phone number?...help me understand. 


Note: I  have ported a number to Google voice a few years ago and I remember it was not easy.




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Additional information needed? https://www.visible.com/help

Yes. Should I repeat what I posted? Help me understand what you are not understanding. 

The reason I am canceling my services is that from day one on July 7 I was able to send text messages successfully to friends but I could not receive any.

I opened a brand new account with visible with one of their number and on the same phone of mine and I have ZERO issues with that one.

Are you trying to Port the old Google voice number back to Google/gmail?...is that even possible?  How is visible/any cell provider suppose to give the number back to Google voice?  Let me know if you figure it out...

Sorry, I don't think I have the knowledge to help.




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Additional information needed? https://www.visible.com/help

You do not have permission to upload images.
Wanted to show you a list of all the failed port attempts.


Are you trying to port your current number from visible to other provider? Porting PIN from Visible is not working with other provider?


Are you able to login to your visible account after all these fiasco?


Sad to see that you are leaving Visible. My suggestion is that port to a service provider with brick and mortar stores and their agents will help you. It would be hard to lose the 20 year old number.


Just another visible user, willing to help others.
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I'm thinking you didn't read my post or just skipped most of it. 

I was given pin 1212 by the chat. Did you see what I wrote on number 1?
1: Pin port 1212 does not work

Am I able to login in to Visible? Again I'm not trying to be rude, but do I need to rephrase #7 in some way differently?

7: Chat broke the login now I can't login.
Short answer is I don't get emails and I don't get texts and my login doesn't work. Not sure how to word this in any clearer way. I do know what Im doing when it comes to computers, tech stuff, etc.

Before you go saying try this or try that, please carefully read what I am about to say. I have a second account I made for no reason at all except to prove a point. This second account has the same email domain as the first account. This second account has the same phone as the first account. The second account works just fine.

I was the IT main support guy for all the cities and justice courts for 100 miles in Oregon - I understand the spam box thing, The chat keeps telling me that they left an email for me. My email is not broken especially if i can get one from anywhere else and my second visible account with the same email domain can get one too.

I'd be willing to wager any amount of money that you could put me behind a computer at the Visible support center with full access and I would have this problem fixed in under 5 minutes or you win. I know what the problem is, just cant get anyone at Visible to get past the "we emailed you" or "please check your text message" part. 

Novice II

I was also promised a call back by a supervisor. I gave them two phone numbers: a cricket phone number and a visible phone number. I ask, begging, could they please call me on both lines, and again begging if they please could try several times during normal hours. I put up with 10 hours of all my spam calls coming in and loud notification and nothing. I turned my phone down a little while I was in the store in the evening and wouldn't u know it, that was 24 hours after I was promised a call in 4 hours...and I missed it because all the beeping etc at the self checkout and my phone was only on medium volume. Did they try again? Yes as I was loading my groceries in my car next to a busy street. Again didn't hear it. Once I was inside my car I saw the missed call notification. Calling that back is a one way call. They didn't bother to try my other line which has much last spam and is a louder phone. They also didn't bother to email my alternate gmail contact account. 

Novice II

The first email on this page gets this reply: "This inbox isn't currently being monitored."

The second email has no reply in 4 days even though I believe legally they are required to answer it. I have 82 screen shots and roughly an hour of video showing every single action that I have taken.

Bottom line, I want my phone number of 20 years back and Visible is missing. 

I too am about to lose my number of 30 years!! I am so pi$$ed. Visible has zero customer service. To to begin with I never even opened an account with them or activated it. All I did was go on the website and order a SIM card and they started porting my number before I paid them or activated anything. Now I cannot receive text messages from anyone on the Verizon or visible network. I've spent hours in the cricket store and they say my service looks fine. However, it's something to do with the porting and visible messed it up and now they won't fix it. I've reported them to the FCC, the better Business bureau and my state attorney generals office. Probably going to get an attorney involved now too