Unable to setup Apple Watch


I'm unable to move my paired Apple watch. I get the message.


"Something's not quite right. The phone number matching the account you logged in with. Please re-enter your info.


keep signing in, updated



Same...Even after contacting customer service, they said they would do some setup for me but does not work in the end. So I've canceled the watch service.


Same, even after contacting customer service saying they would do some setup for me, in the end, it's still not working. So I canceled the watch service.


I changed from verizon to visible with same problem with watch.  After several chats and trying all internet solutions, I decided to start from scratch and delete watch.  This started a new batch of problems.  I had purchased the yearly top plan that included the watch.  Got all kinks of answers from "will be removed at end of month" , "can do it now" to  "can't be done till end of prepaid period...in a year. Finally got a agent that was able to escalate.  Here is what happened.

1. Got email saying watch was removed.

2. Visible account showed watch as active.

3. Unpaired watch in preperation of trying to activate the next day.

4. The next day I paired the watch and got to activate cell service. It gave a spinning circle, which was different than the "problem" message I was getting before.

5. The spinning activation circle lasted a very long time.  Got an email saying cell service on phone activated.

6. Found watched had automatically unpaired.  Paired watch and this time it did not ask if I wanted to activate cell service.

7. Tested watch with phone wifi and bluetooth turned off. Selected cell under settings on phone watch app.  It showed visible where it was blank before.  All phone and messaging worked from watch.

In conclusion, it seems IF you can get contacted with a good agent, they escalate your problem and they delete your watch...you have a good chance.  It would help if they had an email address so that you could give details and pics of any problems.