Unlock Phone Purchased from Visible


I purchased a Pixel phone from Visible a could of years ago. I'm considering upgrading. If I do, can the Pixel be unlocked from Visible so that I can pass it down to a family member who isn't with Visible? It appears to be locked to Visibile.


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Superuser Founder

I would reach out to Visible support on this one, especially if it appears locked.


Did you finance it through Visible, and are you still making payments on it?  If you are making payments, then it may be locked.



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I paid in full at the time of purchase. Just wondering if anyone else has done this.

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Per visible unlock policy, the device is automatically unlocked after 60 days of continuous service.




Please check with visible help representative if your specific device is unlocked.


Note that some carriers sell carrier specific models that may not be compatible with other service providers. Just be sure of that.


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