Upload Speeds capped at 5mbps


I recently signed up for visible+ on my unlocked pixel 7 pro. I get great 5g speeds with like 200+ download. However, I am unable to get more than 5mbps upload. I don't have my hotspot or anything like that turned on. I've tried on 4g and 5g UW and I just can't get anything higher than 5mbps upload. 


Is this normal?


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They don't cap upload, it all depends on traffic or congestion on the tower you are on. Only thing that is capped is hotspot at 5Mbps. I normally only get 1 to 2Mbps and sometimes up to 10Mbps but my download speeds are only around 30Mbps average. You can try resetting your network, don't factory reset, just network and see if that helps, if you do that don't forget to change you hotspot back to what it was or nothing will connect.