troubleshoot poor call quality


My call quality has never been great, even before switching from Verizon to Visible, but lately it has been awful.   Specifically, there are very frequent lapses during a call.  There is no discernible pattern to this, it can happen when I am on cellular data with four bars, and it can happen when I am on my home wifi (which is consistently above 200 Mbps) with no competing devices on the wifi.  In addition to lapses, dropped calls are common, and there are times when I cannot make a call or send a text without restarting the phone.  

Things I have already tried (repeatedly):

  • restarting the phone
  • resetting network settings
  • verfifying that wifi calling is enabled
  • updating iOS

I am currently experimenting with not using the protective case on the phone, though I am not optimistic about this since it is a pretty minimalist case to begin with.


I am running iOS 17.1.1 on on iPhone 12 mini.  I'd be very grateful for any tips on how to pinpoint whether the problem is with my hardware, software or with Visible.



Hi @tshikave - Are you on the phone with a particular individual when this constantly happens?  Or is it variable?  Please keep in mind that even if you have 200Mbps internet, that doesn't necessarily mean you've got the right ingredients for a stable connection.  If you were noticing a consistent drop in connection when on WiFi calling, I would say to make sure to disable SIP ALG on your internet router.  However, it doesn't sound like that's the trouble, but still might be worth checking into.  The fact you're losing service even when not on WiFi and with good service also points the issue between the connection from Visible to the far end carrier or even their phone itself.  While it could still be the local towers, the fact you're having issues with WiFi as well somewhat rules that out.  Do you notice this problem when dialing landlines as well as other cell phone numbers?  Do you know if they have different carriers as well?

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