Viewable Bill


I just switched from Verizon and my company pays monthly for my phone, but each month I have to submit my Bill in order to get it paid, where in Visible can I see my Bill so I can forward that along?


Intermediate II

Probably about the best you can get, is to login to your account and go to your payment history at:

From there, expand the appropriate service entry and print (or print to PDF).

Visible don't really have bills since it is a prepaid company 

Look at your payment history's service entries - they could easily be used as a bill substitute if accepted by the OP's employer. Any reasonable employer would be satisfied with the payment history and service details available. Of course the emphasis there is on "reasonableness" - something that we are in short supply of these days.  They don't have the niceties of other carriers because it isn't profitable at their price point(s).