ESim Deleted, Service Not working


My visible service was suspended on 9/14/22 , I paid my bill on 9/15/22 , the money was withdrawn from my account and I received a confirmation email and notification stating my payment was successful, I then logged into the app to see if my service was restored IT WAS NOT, it said it would be 5 minutes but it has now been 7 hours without service of any kind. 

I have reached out to chat support for HOURS and waited FOR HOURS for NO type of explanation or support. I’m highly frustrated because I can’t even access the app to port out my number to a different provider. This is ridiculous and I’ve been told the same thing over and over again “our billing team is working on it” they’re not. I was told it should not take more than 3 hours to be resolved and like I said above it’s been 7! 

my Esim is now removed from my phone and I don’t have any type of service !