Visible + International Coverage


I have Visible Plus, and I am traveling to Spain, London, and Paris. Will I be able to send and receive texts there, and will I be able to make and recieve calls when there?



Roaming is only avaible on the plus plan in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. From my understanding if one sets up wi-fi calling before leaving the US it will work when on motel/hotel or public wi-fi. If it is shut off during you trip you will not be able to turn it back on again. I have read you can get just a data SIM for each location or country you are in and certain phones can use the data SIM to make and receive texts and phone calls. I don't know how that works or which phones other than the latest iPhones can do that.


If you have a Reddit account find the Visible page and post there, there are more knowledgeable people there than myself, I am just a tech noob.