Visible denies gift card to BYOD customers


New customers who bring their own device (BYOD) and fulfill the following conditions are eligible to receive a gift card:

New members who (1) purchase a qualifying device or bring their own, (2) transfer their existing phone number from an Eligible Carrier within 30 days of transaction, (3) activate their Visible service, & (4) complete 3 full months' service payments, are eligible to receive up to a $250 virtual gift card...

Screenshot of promotion:

However, Visible customer support will deny the gift card to BYOD customers even if they meet the above conditions. Be warned.


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Unfortunately you are not the only one that has had that happen to and Visible has told them it was misworded but yet they don't change it.

Customer support actually confirmed BYOD customers are eligible for the promotion, but it seems they have been instructed to deny the gift card regardless of the conditions being met.