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Resolved! Visible Swap Program and New Number

Hello,I'm thinking of joining Visible and am interested in the Visible Swap Program. I have an old phone that I would like to swap. On the webpage, I see the following:Swap your old device for a brand new one when you transfer your phone number to Vi...

Resolved! How do I redeem the promo virtual gift card?

I got an email telling me I'd fulfilled the requirements for the promo virtual account that was offered when I signed up. I saved a screen shot of the email, but can't find the original email, so now I'm wondering exactly what I'm supposed to do to g...

Attn Visible: I Have A Question Regarding Party Plans

Hello, When I signed up with Visible I joined a pay party with nearly 12,000 members. I understand that if a number of people should leave the party in any given month, there will still be plenty of members left to sustain the party over and above th...