Voicemail on Pixel 4a 5G


Hey now!

Despite lot's of wasted chat time with Visible help and jumping through all the suggested hoops, I still have no voicemail service. I can dial my VM service and supposedly record an outgoing message but no one can have the intense pleasure of hearing it since callers never get to VM but get the message that it has not been set up.

Apparently there is a resistant bug affecting Pixel and Verizon/Visible and even Fauci doesn't have an answer. Maybe someone in the community does?


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Hey there!

I'd recommend contacting the Visible Care Team again regarding your voicemail issue. Since the troubleshooting has been unsuccessful in resolving the issue thus far, a network ticket submitted can be submitted to have this investigated further. The Care Team can be reached via the Live chat feature on the website, Facebook (Visible Mobile), or Twitter (@VisibleCare).