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I know I'm on the fringe of 4G service, but my dilemma:

I have a Blade A7 Prime on Visible that I use primarily for a hot spot

I also have an iphone 12 on Verizon.

Both phones are locked to band 13 and show 3 bars. Network Cell Info shows -96db on Visible, however speed test shows around <100 Kbs down. The iphone gets between 20 to 30 Mbs down. Any idea what can account for the difference?


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In this case, try to reach out to chat agent and request them to reset the SIM. This may fix the problem. 

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I constantly have this issue. I believe it is caused by Visible throttling their customer's data speed to give Verizon customers priority on congested towers. It's the only thing I dislike about Visible!

I've worked with customer support on this in the past. Nothing they do helps. I just have to wait until off-hours to get a better speed, or travel until I reach another tower that isn't as congested.