Where to find confirmation that a new SIM card is sent to me




Although I changed to the new upgraded visible plan on 04/02/23, I could not receive the physical SIM. So today(07/17/23), I talked with chatbot and ordered a new SIM card to my address.


My question: how can I check and verify this new shipment has been placed? The chatbot said "Please hold while we place this order for you" but there was no additional confirmation line afterwards, neither any email or proof in order history. Could anyone tell me if they had a similar experience and if they received the new SIM safely after a day?




Intermediate III

I'm still waiting on a SIM I ordered back in August of last year 😊 Never got a confirmation email and it remained as being in process. It showed up in my account established for the email addresss.

Fortunately I wasn't looking to keep the number and just opened a new account with a new email and new number.