Wifi Calling Setup Not Working

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Looking to see if anyone has had any similar issues.


I am trying to activate Wifi calling on my Google Pixel 3a. I had regular Verizon service before and the Wifi calling worked fine.


- I try to activate and after toggling on it's "working" for a while and then pops up "Unable to activate Wifi calling at this time. Please try again later." 

- I have done this at home with bad service + good wifi, at my sister's house who also has Visible great service + good wifi connection, and any and every other place I've been lately, I've tried to activate it with no success.

- I put the SIM card in another phone - still failed.

- I put another Verizon SIM card in my phone - the wifi calling turned on like normal (promoted me to enter emergency address). 

- There is no where for me to enter the emergency address as long as this is happening and it doesn't successfully activate the wifi calling.

- I've done a data reset. I've even done a factory reset.


I've tried EVERYTHING. Am thinking I need to go back to regular Verizon, which sucks. I also have a case open with the Visible care team, but it seems to be running in circles with them asking me to perform the same steps without any solutions. I understand they are doing the best they can.


Thanks for reading my book! Please help if you can!


Try cleaning the chache partition this usually solves problems follow these steps

First, turn your Google Pixel 3a off.

Then press and hold the Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time to boot into Recovery Mode.

Navigate to the Recovery Mode menu using the volume buttons

Then use the power button to select Wipe Cache Partition.

Just wait for the system cache partition to clear.

Finally, select the Reboot option to return to normal device usage.

If this doesn't help go to settings, then apps click on the menu icon and select show system apps then search for 'Wi-Fi calling' or 'calling' clear the cache and data of the Wi-Fi calling app, that should resolve the problem, please let us know if it worked 

Hi, neither option show up when I search under apps. I don't see an option to click show system apps either. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep digging.

I don't have a Google pixel so I can't tell you how to find it I have Samsung, I'm sure with Google and YouTube you'll find how to show system apps 

It should be by the three dots 

Tryed this method on a Samsung Galaxy on TracFone and it did not help.

I tryed this method on my Samsung Galaxy on TracFone and it did not help.

You could also download the app inspector from the Google play store in the app you could find system apps and you could go to settings to clear the chache and data https://play.google.com/store/search?q=app+inspector&c=apps&hl=en_US 

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Thank you for your advice! I was able to find System Apps, but neither option was listed as an app. I am going to try your other solution momentarily.

Search for 'calling' it should come up

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Unfortunately, nothing comes up when I search for 'calling'. Visible suggests that there is something wrong with my call forwarding. I've been advised to wait to hear from them over the next 4-5 days. 

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Same problem here.  I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 UW and recently switched from Verizon.  When attempting to activate Wi-Fi Calling the following is displayed; "Unable to activate Wi-Fi Calling at this time. Please try again later."  No option given to enter an emergency address.  Tried clearing phone cache but that did not solve the problem.

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Ultimately I contacted Visible support via Facebook Messenger. They made changes to my eSIM which I reinstalled and that fixed the Wi-Fi calling issue. Don't contact them via the app because they will want some screen shots as you advance through the support tiers.