Worst Decision

  • I paid VISIBLE for an iPhone 15 pro max 256 GB but I was delivered an empty package. Upon contacting the customer service, I was asked to report to FedEx as well as in the police station regarding this. I did and asked for refund as I didn't want to face the same situation again. But, everytime I ask they'll say give us 3-5 business days and we'll give you an update or final resolution. It's been more than 15 days for this incident and I am fed up doing the same conversation with the customer service again and again. If anybody wants to have service from Visible, just be patient and strong enough to handle their poor service of everything. I regret making a decision of trying it's service. 

Your best bet is file with your credit card company.


Visible is a budget carrier owned by Verizon and yes, customer service is not the greatest. But, even with the lack of customer service I like them for what they offer for the price a person pays. I can put up with the lack of CS to save money. This service is not for everyone.


For those buying an iPhone, buy an unlocked one it directly from Apple, that way it isn't locked to Visible for 60 days. I would advise not trading one in to Visible either. Have read bad things on Visible's Reddit about getting shafted on the trade or never getting the credit.