Your SIM is Not Supported - and now not working


I have a few numbers/phones with Visible and have been pleased with service and support but yesterday was a curveball.  This has to do with some travel to Europe in the future (visible does not support service) and how to maintain some level of service.  I was told that my phone was compatible and that I had to just download an esim (with a new/different email) and then I could use that in conjunction with other esim services I subscribed to in Europe.  After going down a rabbit hole on the "new email part"... I just went on line and it said I can convert to eSIM with the phone app.  Now the questions....

  • I answered all the questions and performed the steps (up to date phone, IMEI entry, etc)
  • Hit download - the phone "churned" a bit.
  • My phone didn't work, but I figured out how to make it work...

The phone is an Apple SE second generation.  If I go into cellular and go to "Add eSIM" it will give me the message of the subject.  Does this mean that the physical SIM in the phone (Visible sim) is not compatible and I need another type of physical sim that is?


After the Visible App "eSIM conversion" I have two SIMS (virtually) for my phone.  The primary and the secondary, both are associated with my phone number.  The "primary" does not work and the "secondary" does (did) work.  Meaning that if I turn off the secondary, I didn't have service, if I turned on both I have to signal bars - one searching and one with 3-4 bars of service.


This morning I tried a test using an "old visible sim" (they upgraded physical sims a few months ago)...the same semantics.  So in essence I guess the physical sim is useless.


In writing this to get the entry correct now I have no service (I guess their system).

So question:

1. do I need a different physical sim to have esim support?

2. For European travel should I just maintain a physical sim and then use esim from another company?



To answer (some) of my questions:


I had a physical sim for my phone number.

I requested and got an additional eSIM using the Visible app.  This worked and assigned the eSIm and same phone number to the IMEI #2


This worked for ? 7 hours and then stopped working as internal systems caught up with this.  The physical sim was deactivated as well as the eSIM.


I've decided that for Visible I will just keep a physical sim.  I will get an eSim with different number/service provider when traveling in Europe.