account permanently locked and live chat is a robot

I keep getting this same response from the live chat, no matter what my question.

My records show that your account is permanently on hold. At this time, I can't move forward with your request. I cannot activate or port or anything. Is there any way to actually talk to someone? This has been going on for a week.


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No, there is no way to talk to someone other than chat, Twitter DM(no one responds to me) or Facebook messenger(last time I got a response in 45 minutes). When you are in chat it starts out as a robot, you need to click chat with a live agent I think it says.

There was another thread about this problem with accounts on permanent hold and customer service agents said they couldn't do anything about it. I would mention you are not a customer yet and wish to become one and tell them to delete your account so you can open a new one. Other suggestion would be is to use a different email address and try opening a different account.

Visible plans are nice and the minor issue I had last year was fixed but wait times on chat were 20 minutes then, with all the new customers migrating here the wait times have drastically increased and can be as much as 2 hours which is why I recommend Facebook messenger, to use FB click the FB icon on the bottom of the help page. I am going to point out if you value customer service this might not be the right carrier for you. Verizon owns Visible but it operates as a separate entity and from what I read nothing like it either.

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On chat, when the bot starts asking you questions, just type in human, the bot will then tell you hold for live agent.