switch from party pay to $30 plan


I currently have party pay. I would like to upgrade. The app says my phone is not compatible. But the website robot chat says it is compatible.

How do I switch over?


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I have had issues with the app and can never seem to get it to work properly. I have tried to do this through the app but I get an error occurred message when I click the see new plans button. Have you checked the compatibility through the website on a laptop or desktop computer or even a web browser on your phone?

I had a G Power(2021) I bought here last year and it shows not compatible with the new plans so I bought a used G Power(2022) from eBay that is compatible and the only way I can switch plans is by going through the website by going here https://www.visible.com/shop/compatibility and once you have checked the compatibility and it is click the join with button and go from there.

I will say that I am going to wait until they make us switch so I can save a few bucks. I hope they give us enough of a notice as I want to do it right before the beginning of the next billing cycle so I don't end up being charged twice even though I had contacted them via Facebook messenger and verified they won't do that but who knows. They told me they didn't have a set date we had to switch over but would assume it would be January sometime since party pay is being eliminated then.

If you have any other other issues you might want to get a hold of customer support, my suggestion is use Facebook messenger if you don't want to wait inline on chat for an hour or two. Last time I used Twitter I never got a response to my questions and gave up after 10 days of waiting and sent the through Facebook instead.

Hope this helps, good luck!