can;t activate phone


new phone needed activation, the activate button  just  gave me an error message, call supprt, I did, she wouldn't/couldn't help. no phone  that  works so I cancelled the acct( the service for this was excellent!!!!!!)I have no printer, won't buy one just to print a label. and visib;e refuses to send one snailmail. so I am out the price of a phone and service plan. thogh I can't see how they  can claim a loss on the plan. Filed with  the atty gen complaint  a few minutes ago, any ideas how to force these theives into snail mailing me a return label?


Intermediate III

Go to FedEx and have them print it


Milo, that sounds frustrating.


You could go to FedEx Office, rent time on a computer, save the mailing label as .pdf and print it there.


Or go to your local Staples, Office Depot, or OfficeMax, save the label as a .pdf to a USB drive, and ask them to print it for you.


Good luck!