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I was provided a upgrade phone (ORBIC Myra 5G) from Visible. After activation my text service will not allow me to send a text. I can receive text and send pictures but cannot send a text message. There were once or teice I was able to send a text but them stopped. I have factory reset my phone, updated my phone, turned on/off RCS services, on/off airplane mode. I have also recreated contacts individually to try to send a text and nothing has helped. I seems very likely that the issue is with my service provider. Please Help. 


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With this being such a new phone I don't think you will find help here. Try contacting customer service and see if they can fix the issue.


You can also visit Visible's Reddit page. I have saw a number of complaints about this same issue. I don't believe it is the service but rather the phone itself.


Verizon had major texting issues yesterday, June 17, that also effected Visible. Everything was corrected for me by late evening and this morning I received the missing texts from yesterday.

I will start monitoring the sub group in the future. Visible reps were not aware of the issue yesterday afternoon.

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I have the same phone (Orbic Myra UW 5g), and I am having the exact same issue!

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Also having trouble sending text messages on my new Orbic Myra.  Sometimes they send & sometimes don't.  Very frustrating.