eSim activation to iPhone 14.

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I have been with Visible for about two years now with no problems. I recently decided to upgrade my phone from an iPhone 8 to 14. I decided to buy the iPhone 14 from visible thinking it would be easy to switch over my number/service to that phone and I was terribly wrong.


This experience has been an absolute disaster. I got the phone 6 days ago and still don't have service. I was able to "activate" the eSIM. It shows full bars and I can receive SMS text messages. I cannot send text messages, have no cellular data, and my imessage wont connect to my number. 


I have been on Visible chat a million times. They have reset my eSIM and gave me a million directions between deleting the app and re-downloading it, turning on and off airplane mode, erasing my network settings, re-downloading the eSIM, and a bunch of other useless directions.


They have "escalated" my situation twice and have gotten emails with pointless directions over and over and each time it does not work. I'm so frustrated not having any service for a week and for some reason visible does not know how to deal with it.


I asked to unlock the phone so I can switch carriers but they said I have to USE THE SIM FOR 60 DAYS before I can unlock it.... ๐Ÿ˜


I just have no idea what to do anymore and I am so upset. Customer service as we all know is absolute dog poop. If anyone has tips it would be greatly appreciated!



Uh oh - I am in the middle of switching from a 6s to 8.   I am hopeful I won't be without service.  I brought my info over but haven't started the phone part yet.  Maybe I shouldn't even try!!  Maybe I should just switch carriers!


this seems to only be a problem with the eSIMS. You should be fine since the 8 only takes physical SIM.

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I'm sorry it happen to you Angela.


Regarding the eSIM activation.

Does the team from escalation send you emails to do some troubleshooting steps with your device each time a case is escalated.

For example reset network settings, update software update?


What happens when you try to send a text message. What error you see?


Is the data still not working. Even if you make sure that the button for Cellular Data is turned On?

Yes. They tell me to make sure my phones updated, redownload the visible app, delete the SIM and redownload it, reset network settings, all that stuff. 

When I send a text message an exclamation point pops up next to my text. For iMessage, I canโ€™t even connect my number on my phone to send those. It just has the spinning circle next to it.

Yes, the cellular data button is on but it will not show at the top of my phone and does not connect to any internet. 

I just went through a month of no calls because the 1st time I chatted w Visible, to see what to do to switch phones, I was told I'd need to order a new sim for an iphone, since I was using an Android. The 2nd time, I was told, no, just switch the SIM Card out, and I'd be good. So, then my friends & family started emailing me and telling me that they got a weird message when they'd try to call me, that "This User is not in service". So, today, I finally took the time to chat in again, got someone more knowledgeable, and went through the process of updating my iphone 11, bought on Amazon, then downloading Version 16.2 ios, then logging into Visible to activate. Only option I saw on the screen was to do the esim, so went through with that. At the end, it says it could take up to 15 minutes to make/take a call, but my text messages are already being stopped with the NOT Sent message. So, hoping for the best, but just saw your post. 

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This is happening because the e-SIM is not activate on your iPhone.


Does the app prompt you to add the cellular plan?

Itโ€™s activated but not correctly. I have activated it through the app with visible multiple times and the same problem still persists. 

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I am same situation. Had iphone 8 and bought iphone 14. Can't find QR code details required to activate new phone. Useless chat robot doesn't help at all. Now only way is out of Visible and try activate esim from other carrier. Unfortunatelly bought new phone from Visible. Hope if I paid off phone will able to unlock it and transfer to different carier. 


I have the same issue. I bought iPhone 13 Pro Max a year ago (Nov 2021) and was using Visible using SIM and it was working fine. A few weeks ago I decided to switch Visible to eSIM. Since that day I no longer have mobile internet nor I can send text messages. Calls are good and I can receive text messages though. 
I contacted support and we did a bunch of things (reset network settings, full factory reset, install SIM from different provider and then install Visible eSIM again) but no luck. Then I tried to install that eSIM into my another phone (iPhone XR) and it worked. Visible customer support assumed that my main iPhone has an issue with eSIM so they sent me a physical SIM. But when I received and installed that it didn't work either - I still have the same issues with the physical SIM.
I contacted Visible support today again and asked if APN settings are correct. They created a new case and escalated that. Hopefully they fix it. It is terrible.


I am having the same exact issue as everyone mentions here. I don't believe that Visible is motivated to support their customers and make them happy. They lure you with their $30 unlimited plan and then leave you to the wolves. I had my esim working fine on my iphone 13 mini and then decided to buy a 14 plus from Visible. When they tried to activate the 14, it would not activate. It goes through the steps but continously reads activating on the phone. So I decided I'll go back to my 13. Well, now the 13 eSim won't even activate. It has been 3 days and over 15 hours of chat time with their support and a few emails from their tech dept that are absolutely of no help and meaningless. They just repeat the same thing you already know or have been told by your online chat agent. This is a real mess. I'm going to see if a physical SIM will work, but I am now concerned because someone is having the same issue with the physical SIM. Ugh!!! Help please!!!!

The physical SIM didn't help me. I've tried to reach them out again. They said they will try to fix it and after a while sent me an email saying the issue should be fixed but it wasn't. So disappointed.

has anyone actually gotten a resolution to the iPhone 14 SMS and data issue??? they have obviously known about it for months and still not fixed it. i pray if this doesn't work i can return the phone at apple and reactivate my iPhone XR

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Im having the exact same issue!! like exact! i bought my phone yesterday from Apple the iPhone 14 and been on the run around with customer service trying everything. my case is elevated and waiting on some assistance.

Have you received any resolution? I am currently dealing with the same issue, but have not contacted customer service yet. 


Hi, curious if you ever got this fixed and the solution?

A few hours after I was told that my case was escalated I found where someone said they got an email from visa Le with instructions to fix this problem, I did the steps but the last step was to log in to your visable account on a PC and use the QR code to upload the eSIM but there was no QR code on my page. So I went back to the app and downloaded the eSIM the way I had 6 times before and this time it worked.  I never got a call from anyone and days later got an email saying they fixed the problem for my eSIM and to restart my phone. Thatโ€™s it. After hours and hours of trying with the chat, I donโ€™t know if they fixed something on their end right after it was escalated and them waited days to let me know or just going through the first steps in the email worked but they were the same things the chat person had tried. 


I just fixed this exact issue on my new iPhone 14 (with no help from customer service, of course)! Here are some instructions if anyone wants to try what worked for me:

- make sure your Visible eSIM is deleted off of your new iPhone 14 (Settings>Cellular> select your eSIM and delete it) & reset your network settings (Settings>General>Transfer or Reset iPhone>Reset>Reset Network Settings)

- leave your physical SIM card inside your old phone & use the Visible app on your old phone to create an eSIM using your old phone's IMEI 2 number (Settings>General>About). 

- return to your iPhone 14's Visible app and set up a new eSIM

I tried SO MANY things over the course of days and with many useless and frustrating live chats & this is what actually fixed my problem - having a SIM card in and an eSIM installed on my old iPhone as I activated my iPhone 14's eSIM.

Thanks for the steps. I was upgrading from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 14 and these steps did not work for me since you can't generate an eSim on an iPhone 8. Other than that.. all the steps you posted is what Visible had me try. Still having issues with my phone.


I am having exact same issues as everyone else. This has gone on for days with numerous useless chats into customer support and wasted hours on end. It all started when I tried to switch to eSIM on my iPhone 13. That was a mess and then my P-SIM became useless so they sent me a new one. After trying numerous things and two escalated tickets, new physical SIM, I can still only send and receive phone calls. I can't send or or receive texts or get data when off of WiFi. So intensely frustrating! I read on web this is a problem with other carriers too, so not sure if its Apple to blame or Visible. I don't know what else to try, I'm at wits end. If someone finds the fix, please help all of us poor souls out here still trying and painfully dealing with unhelpful CS chats for hours on end.


I had exact same issues (not able to send text, data not working). Tried some of the recommendations but was more impatient than some of you to try everything. Visible suggested that the new iPhone 14 Pro (in my case) may not support the old plan (that some of them donโ€™t, whatever that means) and switching to the new plan (which I was already considering) should resolve the issue. I did and it took less than 10 min and issues resolved


Please see my following reply to solve this issue.


I just SOLVED this issue (not cellular data, can't send text and add to facetime). I was on the party plan at $25 per month and upgraded to the basic plan last night, which is also $25 per month. This upgrade helped me solve this issue.


Please log into your Visible app on your phone, tap the "Account" tab, then find the "Plan" section. Follow the instructions to upgrade your plan.