eSim to eSim - upgrading to a new phone




I have asked support multiple times what the process is to activate a new phone on my account. I was told different things by different reps so I wanted to see if anyone here knew the correct answer.


I currently have an iPhone 13 Pro with the eSim installed. I will be trading in my iPhone 13 Pro for a 14 Pro next week and the 14 Pro only accepts eSim now. 


So far I have been told:

1. I can delete the eSim and app off the old phone and when I download the app to the new iPhone it will automatically prompt me to download a new eSim.

2. I have to chat with support and give them the new iPhone's IMEI and then they will send me a new eSim in the app to download.


Which is correct? Do I need to keep the old iPhone around while doing this? I will be doing this all at the Apple Store when I pick up my new phone so I cannot hold on to my old phone after that as I will be trading it in with the store in person.



My transition from iPhone 11 to iPhone SE 2022 using eSIM was method #2 .

This was on the old cloud based $25 plan in June, 2022


I think it is amazing they haven't posted an FAQ about how to activate a new iPhone 14 from an older iPhone that was on Visible.  It shouldn't take the extremely long wait on chat to get this help.



Same question. New phone, need the old service. Where is the guide for this?